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This portfolio is a collection of ideas, activities/projects and funding sources that can help reduce or prevent the impacts of disasters. To take a look at what is possible and to get ideas for your own situations, we invite you to browse through this portfolio and see what others have been doing. You can access the Best Practices by using the subject tabs below and filtering based on your needs or by using the Advanced Search.

The FEMA Best Practices Portfolio consists of mitigation stories submitted by individuals and communities that describe measures they have taken to reduce the loss of life and property from disasters. These Best Practices are meant to provide ideas and concepts about reducing losses and to encourage others to evaluate their own risk and consider mitigation as a long-term solution to reducing that risk. Although some stories may suggest specific applications or building techniques, they are not meant to provide technical advice about construction techniques or types of materials to use. Building codes will vary by locality; if you are making structural changes or improvements always check with your local government regarding codes that apply to your home or community. If using a contractor, be sure to use one who is licensed and bonded. For additional information on building codes and building science, visit the FEMA Library.

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FEMA Mitigation Regional Offices

Title Hazard(s) Year
1907 Elevation Saved Galveston Church From Flooding Hurricane/Tropical Storm 1991
2006 King County Flood Hazard Management Plan Flooding 1993
2nd Avenue SEA Street, Seattle, Washington Flooding 1997
3RiversHUG - CUP Students Begin a New Chapter in HAZUS History Flooding 2006
91st Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant Flooding 1997
A Bridge Over Powered Water Flooding 1999
A Dream Comes True: Mitigated Haven in Mississippi Hurricane/Tropical Storm 1995
A Home Above the Rest: Homeowner in City of Galveston Elevates Home 12 Feet Coastal Storm, Flooding, Hurricane/Tropical Storm 2009
A Look at Preventing Levee Erosion Flooding 2006
A New Twist on an Old Tale: Historic Phoenix Building Rises From the Flood Flooding 2000
A Place of Refuge in Newcastle Tornado 2003
A Plan for All Seasons: Hazard Mitigation Planning Helps to Prioritize Chemical/Biological, Coastal Storm, Drought, Earthquake, Extreme Temperatures, Fire, Flooding, Hurricane/Tropical Storm, Mudslide/Landslide, Nuclear/Radiological, Severe Storm, Terrorism, Tornado, Tsunami, Typhoon, Virus Threat, Volcano, Wildfire, Winter Storm 2007
A Safe Haven For Campers: Iowa State Fair Campground Shelter Tornado 2002
A Safe Place To Go: Alabama's Safe Room and Community Shelter Program Tornado 2001
A Small Village With Big Concerns Flooding 2004
A Tall Order After Isabel Flooding, Hurricane/Tropical Storm 1994
A Tribe’s Path to Mitigation Severe Storm 2000
Above Ground Safe Room Stands up to Tornado Tornado 1999
Above the Flood Flooding 2004
Acquisition and Relocation from Multiple Hazards Earthquake 1995
Acquisition in Cambridge Allows Homeowners to Enjoy View From the Top Flooding 1998
Acquisition in Rahway Flooding, Hurricane/Tropical Storm 1995
Acquisition Makes Way for New Community Park Flooding 1998
Acquisition of Floodprone Structures Flooding 1997
Acquisition Project Proves Beneficial as Safety Measure and Recreational Avenue Flooding 1998