Responder Knowledge Base (RKB) Home Page

Welcome to the Responder Knowledge Base! 

The RKB moved to LLIS as part of FEMA efforts to unify key information sources that support decision making across the emergency management and homeland security communities. 

The RKB pages on LLIS provide the following resources to support equipment investment and acquisition decisions:

  • Interactive version of the Authorized Equipment List (AEL), as published by the FEMA Grants Program Directorate.
  • Information on over 10,000 relevant equipment standards and eligible FEMA grants programs is included in this interactive version of the AEL.
  • Certifications and declarations information for equipment related to Project 25 and the Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS).

Other information, formerly on the RKB, is available on other websites, including:

All information provided through the RKB is accessible by the public.  Registration and log-in are not required for access.